Twenty Eleven Theme Options. Doh!

Twenty Eleven Theme Options

Twenty Eleven Theme Options

It’s been a few days since I started this blog, and many people asked me to publish some theme options pages, which I think are good. It’s more difficult to find these, but I’m gathering a list, to put in the mix. You can contribute to my list as well.

I’d like to start with the obvious — Twenty Eleven. Three options, very straightforward and requires no documentation. It uses the top-right pull-down tab to provide contextual help, which is cool, though I doubt anyone will ever need that. It’s also worth noting, that the options panel was rewritten and now uses the Settings API since version 1.3, that’s mid-December 2011.

Thoughts, comments, rates and likes are always welcome and appreciated :)

5 thoughts on “Twenty Eleven Theme Options. Doh!

  1. Interesting idea for a blog! One thing that I like about the options in Twenty Eleven is that each one affects only visual aspects of the theme → nothing intrinsic to the blog (like urls or textual content) is stored via this screen. Furthermore if you look into how the custom values are used in the theme, you will find that they mainly trigger changes in css via the following hooks: body_class, wp_enqueue_scripts, and wp_head. While I am not really a fan of theme options, I must admit that Twenty Eleven handles this concept really well!

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your comment! The only thing I’d like to add is that any child theme or plugin can easily add new color schemes and default layouts to the list, simply by filtering twentyeleven_color_schemes and twentyeleven_layouts. Obviously you have to then hook to the relevant actions to add your scripts and CSS if needed. This makes the original theme much cleaner (without having to ship with thirty different color schemes) and more flexible. Cheers and thanks again for stopping by!

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    • Hi Hassan, that’s a great way to add theme options to themes, for only those who really need/want them. I also love how your class is called TwentyTen_Rocks :) Consider rewriting the options panel with the Setting API too. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

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