The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API

The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API is a series of articles by Tom McFarlin for Envato’s Tuts+ network. With a total of eight posts, it covers all the stuff you’ll need to start creating options pages. Tom has also made a project on Github, which is actually faster to read for more experienced developers.

11 thoughts on “The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API

  1. Sweet resource, many thanks buddy. I was wondering if you knew of a good resource that will allow me to develop a wp site where by a user can edit or update content from the frontend?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Konstantin! One more article is queued up in the series and that’ll wrap it up. Hopefully the series will get other WordPress developers on board with the Settings API.

  3. wp.tutsplus tutorials are sometimes questionable, but if you’re sanctioning it with your seal of approval, I’ll surely take a look!

    • Hey Paul, yes Tuts+ has problems with many of the posts, because of a poor review process. Out of all the authors there, I’d say Tom is one of the most experienced WordPress developers, I even had a chance to work with him on a few articles back in my days :) Oh and by the way, Smashing Magazine is becoming questionable too, regardless of their reputation. Thanks for your comment!

  4. I think big part of articles are questionable on wptuts. I thought Smashing Magazine WP section would be better, when I saw there tutorials from Justin Tadlock, but now are going becoming questionable.

    BTW, aside post format is missing permalink that’s pretty annoying, When I want to check comments.

    • Thanks for your feedback George! You can hit the dates on the left of the posts for their permalinks. When logged in, I see them as “Edit” links which is pretty annoying, but in incognito they’re dates :)

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