Theme Options Evolution by ThemeShift

ThemeShift Theme Options

ThemeShift Theme Options Evolution

These were submitted by Simon from ThemeShift, showing the evolution (from top to bottom) of the options screens that ship with their themes. Looks like they’re headed towards using the Core UI, which makes me want to see a fourth version that uses native sectioning (and label-control positioning) with the Settings API.

It’s also nice to see that they went from their own top-level menu, to a Theme Options submenu in Appearance, which is neat and right where users would be expecting the options to be, right? Do you think ThemeShift is headed the right way, or are you a bigger fan of “3rd party app” style options panels (like WPZoom)?

Thanks for commenting and sharing :)

One thought on “Theme Options Evolution by ThemeShift

  1. Interesting, I wonder what would have encouraged them to make a shift towards a more “native” look? To me, it definitely feels better. I‘d also like to see a more native sectioning, and I don‘t think ThemeShift as a brand would need that huge logo size. ;)

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