Spartan Theme Options, Yummy!

Long time no see, eh? I thought that theme options panels would be gone, now that WordPress has a cleaner and simpler way to expose appearance settings, but apparently I was wrong.

Spartan Theme Options

Here’s Spartan, a fairly popular WordPress theme from earlier this year. Spartan’s Theme Options panel feels more like a brochure or a food menu, with ads and everything!

Unfortunately most of the items on the food menu require you to upgrade to the paid version of the theme. It’s sad to see these upsell themes perform so well in the free themes directory.

WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate 1

Theme options are good, but compatible theme options are better. This is a reminder that WordPress 3.4 RC1 is out, so if you’re a WordPress theme or plugin developer, now is your time to test your code against 3.4, and test your theme against the 3.4 theme previewer/customizer. Also, nine years ago, on May 27th, 2003, Matt announced the first version WordPress, so Happy Birthday, WordPress!

P.S. If you’re following this blog, you might have received a strange e-mail this morning, with a photo of a fierce dog. Don’t be scared, that’s my little dog Lorelle, accidentally published on the wrong blog.

WPCandy’s Completely Unofficial Guide to Plugin UI

WPCandy’s Completely Unofficial Guide to Plugin UI, published in January this year by Daniel Immke, who takes us through some of the user interface elements, used in WordPress themes and plugins. Navigation, Settings API, tabs, the Toolbar, Dashboard (and non-dashboard) widgets and more.

Also worth mentioning an earlier post by Ryan Imel (founder of WPCandy) called Custom designed WordPress options screens need to go and Otto’s comment. That’s three links in one post, sorry! Have a great weekend :)

Thanks to @maorhazan for the reminder.